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Asset Management

Physical Asset Management 'PAM'

Why is it crucial?

At CFM, we want to preserve the functions of the asset, so that it can provide the functionality they were designed for. Our method is to plan carefully scheduled preventative maintenance to all systems that guarantees their reliability all the time. Poor maintenance detrimentally affects all aspects of a business, in terms of risk, product quality, and safety. It is also a known fact that poor maintenance negatively affects and increases the energy bill which has a direct negative effect on the environment.

Asset Management Maintenance


We have invested in a robust service delivery system that complies to best practice in asset management, and in accordance with PASS 55 and ISO 55,001. We believe in data collection and creating usable history to better serve all our partners. Accordingly, we use high technology and specialized software to deliver the best possible service and achieve the best possible results. Our operation team is using an Enterprise Computer-Aided Facility Management system (ARCHIBUS©). Our main purpose is to provide our clients with feasible and sound information in reporting specifically customized asset management maintenance that effectively contributes in the clients’ bottom line targets of profitability. This operations system is integrated with an industry norm Enterprise Resource System (ERP) (Microsoft AX Dynamics) for managing the internal processes in the company, in line with the management protocols developed within our ISO 9001 accreditation.


Property Management

Contrack Facilities Management SAE can provide property management services customized to suit the client need. These can include:

CFM can provide property management services customized to suit the client need. these can include: managing the property completely with either a single major tenant or multiple tenants. collecting rents, Paying for services and utility charges where necessary. Installing and renewing lease agreements. All the above-mentioned services are inclusive of providing all the facility management services. This service can include for portfolio management, where more than one property is involved and may include the provision of internal valuation services. The total area serviced by CFM today is 1 million Sq meters.

Internal valuation services

Asset management evaluations. Assessments for poor performing assets to convert them into profit making enterprises. Redevelopment of assets. With CFM you will gain: corporate safety, corporate growth, safe environment for employees, the best quality with the added benefit of extreme professionalism and the time and peace of mind to focus on your corporate growth.

CFM as a facilitiy management company that has already been practically applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), and an advanced Computer-Aided Facility Management System (CAFM) for almost 12 years, and fully established in Egypt, already serving some of the most important landmark assets in the country. This very specific experience gained over a number of years in providing integrated Facilities Management Services Management. In the process, the company has developed a very strong physical asset management capability.

Our company gained in the last two decades a consistent experience in Operation & Maintenance thanks to Facility Management contracts throughout the four continents.Having a proven experience on the subject our proposal for this project is to implement the Customized Maintenance & Management System (C.M.M.S.).

 ARCHIBUS System is a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution which CFM uses in its facility management process, ARCHIBUS is the leading global Software provider for real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions. With ARCHIBUS, Organizations of all sizes and their outsourcing partners can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return-on-investment, lower asset lifecycle costs and increase enterprise-wide productivity and profitability.

Asset hierarchy management Keeping track of where your assets are located and what they cost with the help of a ``family tree`` that connects equipment, systems, and locations.

Work management Track and manage all asset work requests, labor, planning, and scheduling.

Preventive maintenance plan Users can create PM tasks based on a fixed date, flexible time period, meter usage, or they may incorporate routes with a PM task to service multiple assets that share similar maintenance requirements under a single work order

Corrective maintenance Users can create job requests for all corrective maintenance activities for any of the equipment, follow up the various intervention steps and fill in the resolution in addition to, cause & action fields.

Inspection management Get automatic notification of an asset problem when an inspection exceeds a preset limit, and find out how to fix it